Our family has been passionate about viticulture for three generations. It has never been done with a business purpose but for the joy of meeting the whole family at the annual vintage parties with a perfect atmosphere, which have a high value for us. Part of the vintage is growing the vines, harvesting them and then making the wine. During this process, an idea was born that definitively changes the way it is produced, namely in the cleaning of the demijohns, thanks to the efficient PIROUETTE Carboybrush.


About Pavel Tkáč


Winemaking is a complex process and the demijohn cleaning part of it has not been easy at all. Pavel found this out a long time ago. Thanks to his flair for creativity and his work as a designer, he came up with the concept of the device. What followed was not easy to construct, several months of testing and researching the different materials. The result was an efficient device for cleaning demijohns, which he himself had been looking for for a long time.

Pavel, the creator of the PIROUETTE Carboybruh, has big goals with his device – to spread his product all over the world and to demolish the stereotype of outdated and inefficient demijohn cleaning that has been around for decades, making it easier for small-scale wine producers to make wine.

Quality, quality and quality. Handmade and honest work has long been undervalued, but in recent years the situation is changing and quality handmade products are gaining widespread popularity in the wine industry.

In creating the equipment, great care has been taken to ensure that the equipment is handmade and that all materials are carefully selected to be suitable for contact with food and therefore safe for the user as well as for the winemaking process.

About Filip Tkáč


Filip has been instrumental from the very first idea and is doing everything he can to make sure that his father’s innovative facility is known to the entire wine community around the world


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